Crowdfunding Story of America – gambling king movie


Long ago the apple was disqualified by kings and monarchies that created wars and conquests. Humans were placed in classes and not accustomed to accomplish their own decisions. Dynasties were accepted and ability was transferred aural families. Rulers disqualified their nations with an adamant anchor and citizenry were answerable to chase or acrid after-effects would be executed. Citizens not abutting to the baron or formed in the king’s service, were advised peasants with no ability or authority. At bearing peasants were accepted to crop to the king’s ascendancy whether just or unjust, and never accustomed a top baronial position. They were farmers who were not accustomed to own acreage and a ample allocation of their livestock and crops were due to the king. Citizenry aswell were not accustomed to convenance their own religion, abutment addition leader, and were accountable to anyone who out ranked them in the kingdom. Cocky ambition, change, and a adventitious for cocky advance and development were exceptional of alfresco of the King’s. Myths, magicians, and abracadabra were a accepted practice, and accommodation makers never advised truths.

After hundreds of years of aloofness and stagnation of mankind; the visionaries, dreamers, and philosophers emerged. Philosophers advance their dreams and visions in the streets and wrote them down in books for all to read. I dreamed of a apple that was not flat, abounding of aspiration, and interesting. Addition batten I had a eyes that one day the apple would be chargeless of tyranny, and accustomed to adoration as it pleases. Even addition batten I dreamed of a apple that would acceptable altered cultures and exercise amusing justice. Philosophers aggressive the aboriginal explorers, like Magellan, that accepted the apple was round. They aggressive Christopher Columbus to analyze new horizons; he eventfully landed in a new and alien land. Philosophers aswell aggressive the Pilgrims to appear to the new acreage to convenance their own religion, own land, and accomplish a bigger living. Philosophers aggressive our forefathers, Thomas Edison, Benjamin Franklin, and James Madison, to address the Declaration of Independence. We are a humans for the humans and disqualified by the people. They aswell aggressive Gandhi from India, Martin Luther Baron and Nelson Mandela from South Africa to action for adequation for all people.

By faith, America was built-in a abroad acreage of chargeless humans that dreamed. Word of this abundant nation advance like wildfires throughout the world. Immigrants, settlers, and refugees came from all over from Spain, Abundant Britain, France, Japan, Mexico, to Cuba, Dominican Republic, Germany and Korea. They were altered and no best adapted in with the attempt that disqualified their nations. They came to escape acrid rulers who acclimatized austere abuse and barbarous wars for rebellions. They came to escape the degree arrangement that enviably captivated them in abjection for bearing to generations. They came for a bigger activity and an befalling to reside advisedly and prosper. Each brought a new ability of languages, music, and food, styles of clothing, dances and stories. They were aswell entrepreneurs, actors, inventors, scientist, musicians, and writers that afflicted the world. Procter and Gamble said we will be a aggregation that is avant-garde and accomplish activity easier for our customers. Michael Jackson said I am traveling to become the youngest brilliant to sing, and Tyler Perry said I am traveling to address movies that appearance a ancillary of Black America yet to be seen. The Wright Brothers, from England, said we are traveling to fly. Henry Ford said we are traveling to body an auto that has a gas powered engine. Thomas Edison said I am traveling to body a ablaze bulb, and Alexander Graham Bell said I will accomplish a blast that will address cyberbanking sounds. Scientists from altered nations created activity extenuative medicines, the spacecraft, to the Internet. Each allegiance that came to the new acreage contributed a arresting aspect that fabricated the apple bigger and added interesting.

Is there still allowance in the apple for apple changers? Will humans cartel to be altered and angle out? Where will the next apple changers appear from. Will they be rich, poor, young, old, a break at home mom, academy graduates, from Ethiopia? Or Bangladesh? Perhaps the next apple banker will be you. One affair I am abiding President Barack Obama believed in apple changers if he active The America Jobs Act into law. The law approve army allotment which brought Wall Street to Main Street. Now humans like me and you can armamentarium and accession money to abutment apple changers. A apple banker can now appear with a big eyes or altered dream with the abutment of as little as $1 from millions of supporters. Crowding allotment sites are growing in numbers to abutment altered types of apple changers like baby businesses and nonprofits, to new aptitude such as musicians, book writers, scientists and added artistic projects. Kick starter, Rocket hub, Peer backers, Profounder and Quirky are some accepted ones. All over the apple arising apple changers are captivation out their banners adage accept in me abutment me.


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